Jammy Voo
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Jammy Voo’s first ever show for family audiences awakens soon. 

In Collaboration with Rhum and Clay, Co-produced by Teater Innlandet, Norway.


What would you dream of if you slept for a hundred years? How would you find your way back to reality from such a long, deep slumber?

 The Sleeper is a brand new family show inspired by the original folk tale of Sleeping Beauty or Tornerose (Norwegian). In this contemporary retelling, award-winning Jammy Voo take us into teenage Beauty’s one hundred years of enchanted dreams. While the world sleeps and a forest of thorns grows up around her, we follow Beauty on a magical voyage into the depths of Dreamland.

The Sleeper explores the fantastical realms of the subconscious and one teenager’s journey through the joys and growing pains of adolescence, all conjured with live music, stunning visuals and one very badly behaved sheep.

Developed between Norway and England, this will be the world premiere of a production created by an international team of theatre makers.

With the generous support of Arts Council England, The Exeter Northcott, Ashcroft Arts and the Liverpool Unity.


Jammy Voo’s Resident Writer, Kate Edwards, celebrates the company’s ten year anniversary with an article published in Exeunt Magazine



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