Jammy Voo
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Many people have helped and worked with Jammy Voo over the years. Here are some of the more prominent among them.

Angela de Castro

Angela De Castro Angela De Castro

Claire Coaché (UK)

Claire Coache

Claire Coaché trained at École Jacques Lecoq, Paris where she met the other Jammy Ladies. She devised and performed ‘Something Blue’ with Jammy Voo in Edinburgh 2007 and on tour in the UK and Poland. As co-artistic director of RedCape Theatre, Claire created and performed the award winning ‘The Idiot Colony’ touring throughout the UK during 2008 & 2009. She has co-developed the forthcoming show ‘1 Beach Road’ and will direct RedCape’s next production ‘From Newbury With Love’ in spring 2011. As a director Claire was a finalist for the 2008 Samuel Beckett Award with “Big Berta” and more recently worked with Limbik Theatre on ‘The Harbour’. Claire’s latest and proudest creation, her baby daughter Sukhi Belle, was born in March this year ;0)

Greg Hall

Gregory Hall

Greg Hall is a songwriter, cellist and composer.

He currently performs and co-writes with acclaimed silent film accompaniment band Minima and has worked with artists including Ted Barnes (Beth Orton), Ali Friend (Red Snapper), Dan Michaelson (Absentee), The Veils and The Lucinda Belle Orchestra.

Two of his songs featured on Shane Meadows’ 2009 film ‘Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee’ (Warp Films).

Some of the theatre and dance companies that Greg has worked with include Tiat Moo, Qualia Theatre, Frontline Dance and Wired Aerial Theatre.

He has also worked in South Africa as an ethnomusicologist for the British Library.