Jammy Voo
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Jammy Voo formed in 2006, graduates of the Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris (2003 Р2005)

They received funding from Arts Council England to make their first show ‘Something Blue’. Early performances took place in pubs, theatre bars and an old cinema in deepest rural Devon.

‘Something Blue’ and their other shows ‘A Corner Of The Ocean’ and ‘Birdhouse’ have¬†since gone on to receive critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe and to tour nationally and internationally.

Jammy Voo are Yngvild Aspeli (Puppeteer/Maker/Director/Performer), Kate Edwards (Writer and Performer), Emily Kreider (Musical Director/Performer and Devisor) and Eliza Wills-Crisp (Performer/Devisor/Puppeteer).

Their work blends physical theatre, sublime puppetry and visual creations, live music and singing. Since 2010, they have collaborated with musician and composer Greg Hall.